Signs like ß or ç in lyrics


On windows I would have to press ALT+0231 for the ç and ALT+0223 for ß. This does not work for me in Dorico writing lyrics. Is there a way, or do I have to cut and paste from another program?

Searched in the forum but found nothing.


I don’t know why those Alt+num pad shortcuts wouldn’t work during lyric input. What happens when you try?

You might want to try the “International English” keyboard layout. As a Mac user I’m not 100% clear how to set this up, but this page may help.

One of the menus on the menu bar opens.
Yes, I could try that, but then I could as well change to German layout when I want to enter the ß… The thing is that I have set up all shortcuts for my swedish layout so I would prefer not to change layout.
Maybe it might be possible to adjust the the program to not to listen to alt+menus with the lyrics caret open, but to alt+numpad codes instead?

That’s a good question, and one I will take to the team.

Strange. This works perfectly for me. I cannot access any menu with its Alt+… command when a pop-over is active.

For what it’s worth, you can install several keyboard layouts on Windows 10 and switch between them easily by pressing Windows+Space. You could use your swedish layout for regular work and switch to another layout that supports the characters you need for lyrics input only.

Hmm. I will investigate further…