Silence generator with background noise?

This is probably a dumb question from a neophyte user.

I see that the documentation talks about using background noise rather than true silence, and it implies that one can use the silence generator to insert background noise taken from some other source (i.e., a file). I have created such a file, but I cannot see how to specify that it should be used. I tried copying the file contents to the clipboard, thinking that the silence generator might implicitly use that, but it doesn’t.

Elsewhere in the forum i found mention (in an article talking about an earlier version of WaveLab) of a “background noise radio button”, but I can’t find that button either.

Evidently, I’m overlooking something. Thanks in advance for any help.



Well, that’s not what my Silence Generator dialog box looks like. Is that in Pro? I have Elements. The documentation for Elements mentions the “use background noise” capability, but doesn’t explain it. Perhaps this is a Pro-only feature and the documentation shouldn’t have said anything about it.

Here’s what I see:

Yes, this is WaveLab Pro. The topic you mention in the WaveLab Elements, is present by mistake. Sorry.

OK, thanks for the clarification.

Is there a concise feature comparison of Pro and Elements somewhere? I can’t find it by web search. I did find something like that for CuBase.

For example, the limitation of Elements to three tracks in audio montage is something I found out the hard way. Yes, it’s documented, but it’s not prominent, and it’s not obvious why there would be an arbitrary limit like that in Elements, other than to encourage upgrading. If I could see a side-by-side feature comparison, I could figure out whether I should upgrade now. (As a new user, I’m still discovering a lot of things by exploration.)