Silence in "Audio Edit" window


I must by mistake shut something down!?

When doubleclick a part so the EDIT window opens for the waveform I cant hear anything. I mean its totally quiet but the ruler is moving, and…yes, there IS a waveform… and when I go back to project window the music is playing as normal…
I cant find out how to get back the sound PLEASE help someone!

best regards/Micke S.

I’d check how you’ve set your preferences to audition in general. I forget where it is now.

I’d also search for some bug about not playing back at the right spot in the edit window. I think that’s what it was. I could be wrong though.

So it was a preference problem?

Well, partly.

The serious thing was that I had enabled “control room” if you go to “VST-connection” under “Devices” or in that column you have in-out- outboard gear and control room with a little on/off knob.