Silence in audio editor

I just wanted to provide some feedback that I would really enjoy being able to generate silence in the audio editor. That would be a great tool that I’ve used a lot in Cubase. Loving the app. It’s amazing. Thanks.

Hi DB00,

Thanks for your feature suggestion and the kind words.
Please provide us with more details (usecase, workflow example) that helps us evaluating the request the best possible way.


Hi Lars,

When I double click on an audio file in the main screen and get the editing area with these tools; trim, erase, reverse, normalize, etc., I would love it if there was a ‘silence’ tool so that a certain portion of the audio could be silenced without having the selection cut out. This is something I’ve utilized in Cubase and other DAWs to create cool glitch-type sounds from a sample.

First post here, hi fellow Cubasis fans!

I would like to second the request for a silence tool. My use case is different:

  • I record a long vocal track, and somewhere in the middle there is a very audible breath/gasp
  • I’d like to mark that region, and (ideally) non-destructively silence only that brief sound, with quick fade-out fade-in to avoid pops/ticks.

Right now the only ways to do this that I can come up with are:

  • split the track at the gasp, trim and fade out first half, trim and fade in second half. A bit laborious
  • record a volume automation track. Requires careful timing
  • draw a volume automation trace on the gasp. I can’t seem to do this without affecting the overall channel volume (track volume gets set to the first drawn point)

Are there any more convenient ways to mute short audio sections? If not, a silence tool would be much appreciated.

PS. unrelated: another user eagerly awaiting iPad Pro 12.9 compatibility at native resolution. Would love to see a few more tracks on the screen! Otherwise a mindblowingly good app!