Silent taps (golpe)

I have a guitar ensemble that uses ‘golpes’ - taps on the wood of the guitar. I cannot find a way of having a true sound, but I really don’t want a note to come out (I tried used muted slash note-heads but they still sound).

I have a somewhat tedious work around where I can add a f on a different part, drag the sign to the correct place on the score in engrave mode.
Then I input pppp on the score for the golpes and turn the colour to 0% opacity so it disappears.
I don’t mind if the part plays back oddly!

Attached the work in progress.

Perhaps there is a much simpler way of silencing the notes - or even having a true ‘tap’.
golpe 1.png
golpe 1.png

Try selecting those notes and activating the ‘Muted’ property in the Common group of the Properties panel: that should stop them playing back.

Thanks for the quick response.
I had tried that but it seems to make no difference, be the note-head a regular one or a slash head.
It certainly seemed the most obvious thing to try.

Muting notes has never not worked, to my experience. I did find, at some point, that selecting many different types of objects at once might make the mute not stick, and have since gained the habit of filtering just notes and chords before hitting mute if I’m working off a batch selection. What steps are you taking, exactly?

Well, I never - after selecting a note in the quartet score (which is itself a part of the full score) and clicking on the mute toggle and getting nowhere, I just tried muting the same notes in the solo part and it worked!!
Even back in the quartet score and full score the notes are still muted.
Not what I expected but I’m happy with that.

I’ve just realised that one not only has to toggle the ‘muted’ switch so it goes blue and the text is bordered but also click the little white square to get the √.
Think I’ll be happy now.
Thank you both for your support.