Silent tracks

So I’m just opening some of my older projects in 10.5. Some tracks are inexplicably silent, no levels even showing in the mixer meter. I’ve checked the routing, the outputs are going to stereo out, the wav is there in the track, just no audio from it at all.
I add a new track and set it up exactly the same, all the same inserts etc, then drag the wav down onto it and now it works. So what am I missing here, what can cause that?

I’m sure you’ve checked, but do you have those tracks monitor enabled?

Oh, I thought that was only for recording. But anyway, I enabled it and still nothing. None of the other tracks are enabled and they’re playing back fine.
Even one of my group channels is doing it.
Wierd, cos if I set up a new group channel or new track and copy every setting, then move the events onto them, they work just fine. There’s got to be something I’m missing. Unless there’s a monitor enable for playback somewhere that I didn’t realise?

Aaaaah!! It’s a plugin that hadn’t been scanned.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Ah no, wasn’t that, the plugin was scanned and working. I just deleted it, then re-loaded it.

It seems there is something going on with some plugins that I’d used in Cubase 5 that is not working in Cubase 10 (even native ones). If I select a track and disable each insert one-by-one, I can then re-enable the ones that don’t affect the track, but for those that cause it to mute, I have to unload it, then reload it, then it works.

That’s as expected. They shouldn’t be monitor enabled. I was just checking that you didn’t have the tracks in question monitor enabled by mistake. Since that wasn’t the issue, I can’t help, I’m afraid.

If it’s plugin related as it sounds like it could be a 32bit plugin issue.
Cubase doesn’t always switch to the 64 bit version if the 32bit one was in the original file.

Ah ok, thanks all for your help. Much appreciated. :slight_smile: