Silly Cubase 9 installation question

I’m new to Cubase. I’ve chosen it because most of the YouTube videos demonstrating the virtual instruments I want to use are running under Cubase (sometimes via Kontakt and sometimes not).

So far I’ve downloaded the Cubase 9 files to my new Win 10 computer and want to proceed with installation. Within the downloaded “” folder there are 3 different setup applications: there is “Start Installation.exe” in a sub-folder named “Cubase 9”, but also in this same folder there is a sub-subfolder named “Cubase for Windows”, within which are a “Setup.exe” and a file named “Steinberg Installation Updater.exe”.

Which one do I use to start installation? The Readme.pdf instructions are “Launch THE setup file and follow the instructions…”. The answer must be obvious to everyone but me.

Also, if you don’t mind… I have 2 x 1Tb SSD drives in my i7-6770 computer (32 Gb RAM). I’ve assumed it might be most efficient to keep one of the drives just for VST instruments. Where do I find information on configuring the computer for Cubase 9 / NI Komplete / and a number of virtual instruments for optimum efficiency? It appears that where you put download and install VIs initially is important because links get shorn if you subsequently move them.


Use the Start installation or “Start center” as it used to be called. Not the one in the subfolders.

When installing plugins or vst instruments, it’s a good idea to install the plugins to one folder. In Cubase you can have multiple plugin folders, but some hosts like Ableton only scan one folder for plugins. If you have the plugins installed all over the place, you can’t access all of them.

With Komplete I would install:
Applications - leave default
Plugins- choose your plugins folder (separate for 32 bit and 64 bit)
Content- choose, might want to install it to different drive.