Silly question about folders..

Why when we move tracks to folder on fly, it doesn’t stop the song…
But if we do ‘Move selected tracks to new folder’ why it stops the song?

No idea really. I wondered myself. It’s a little ‘retro’, in SX1 playback was interupted if a track was moved in the list :laughing:

Silly answer - why move tracks around when the song is playing? Why nit wait until it stops

+1. One of my general rules on DAW operations for more than a decade has been: press STOP before doing any changes in routing/signal path/inserts/track order. For 2 good reasons:

  1. I’ve even seen crashes while doing these things while playing.
  2. When I stop the music I can focus on the task I’m doing instead of listening to the music.

Because I don’t wanna loose time on silly things… :mrgreen:
I work fast… I prefer to loose some time on the sound of the music… :wink:
And I’ll do the same on Protools and Logic…

You could save some time by spelling lose without the extra ‘o’.

:laughing: :imp: :laughing:

Hell, I remember when Cubase would alow me to edit and undo while I was recording. Think that went away with C5.5 or something. Now if you delete an even while recording, you’re screwed if the current take you’re recording is a keeper. You will then have to undo after recording in order to get that even you deleted back. This has caused me to limit what I do while im recording. lol.

One needs to distinguish between what was allowed, and what was not “idiotproofed”. A lot of extra programming goes into taking care of things that one would not initially (normally) expect a user to do (and I don’t mean simple error-handling).

The last sentence reflects a wise decision. :wink: