Silly question external inserts Cubase

I have a silly question about external inserts, if I have two external processors, for example a Compressor and an EQ, connected separately at the inputs and outputs of the audio interface and not daisy-chained from the Compressor to the EQ and then to the audio interface; E.g:

Compressor in input 1/2, output 1/2 of the audio interface,

EQ in input 3/4, output 3/4 of the audio interface,

In this circumstances, the position of the Cubase inserts matters?

Let’s say I have first in the Cubase inserts the compressor and the next is the EQ, or let’s say I put first the EQ and then Compressor, would this affect the sound as you can do with plugins?

My question is because im not sure if this works taking in to account the position /order of inputs and outputs in the audio interface… or if its completely Cubase who domain the order of the external inserts in this specific case.



signal flow is from top to bottom

It’s the cubase order of inserts that count.
I often swop those same two (external eq and compressor) around to listen for the best results, great and fast option.