Silly question - hotkey for Quantize note lengths

Can I create one? There doesn’t seem to be one by default.
I hate menus when I’m trying to repeat actions quickly.


Of course you can.

Open Key commands from the File menu. Insert in to the search field name of the function “Quantize MIDI Event Lengths”, or just one word, or what you want to find. You will see the results. You will find the function under the “Quantize Category” folder.

Insert your own shortcut in to the “Type in Key” field, and click to the Assign button.

Thats it. If there is no conflict with different Key Commands. If there is, Cubase says it to you.

Click to the OK button.


Thank you very much!

I’m pretty sure the last function you use will be displayed in the key command options folder hierarchy, saves searching.

What would be awesome is to be able to bind the acoustic feedback function in the midi editor too.

Yes, Whatisvalis, you are right.