Silly Question I *Should* Know But Don't

Hey Guys,

Long time, no see! I’m not sure what I’ve done or what is missing but for the past several months, I’ve had an issue with editing both MIDI and Audio. It’s nothing major but annoying: When I open a MIDI file to edit, the MIDI (or Audio) file doesn’t open on the cursor. I have to either scroll over to find it or drop a marker when I want to edit, hit play, the go to the marker.

Any ideas of what I’ve checked or unchecked that’s making this happen? Thanks in advance!


Preferences/Editing/check “Link Editors”.

Is that what you’re looking for?


Hey Chewy, thanks for the response but that box is checked.

It’s so bizarre, as this never happened in the past. Maybe this will help:

  1. Place the cursor where I want to edit Audio or MIDI.
  2. Double Click on the file at that location.
  3. File opens at the beginning or elsewhere and not on the cursor.

I’m stumped. But… is “follow” mode on in the newly opened editor?


Yes, it is but I think I may have just figured it out. Under Prefs>Editing>Auto Select Events Under Cursor.

That only took about 4 months to figure out. :smiley:

Thanks for the input and have a great day!

Glad you figured it out. That command always made me nervous, so I’ve never used it, myself (not “have a great day”, but “autoselect events under cursor”.)

Have a fine one, yourself, and I hope that it is problem solved!



I think this thread should be added to. That always bothered me too. Nuendo is quite a deep tool. One that I slowly delve into when the moment is needed, or when I am forcebly thrusted into. I am always under the gun working fast for clients and deadlines and I miss a myriad cool little things.

Keep 'em coming I say!

My silly question:

Why is it when I want to import a MIDI file, Halion SE track is made? (A track that cannot be deleted) I just want the MIDI file and use it for a Virtual Instrument track of my choosing. And why are the Virtual Instrument tracks not saved a MIDI files, but rather embedded in the project file? At least having an option would be nice. Oops…that was two silly questions…

Actually, this didn’t do the trick. It also makes it impossible to edit or open any audio or MIDI file while the song is in play because the cursor keeps jumping to the most “active” part.

Gotta keep searching, I guess. It’s weird because I’d never had this issue before, even going back to Cubase 3.7 in 1997. I’m sure it’s just a preference check but I just can’t figure out which one…

Grasping at straws here… but at this stage of the game you could trash your prefs, or, if you back up reasonably regularly, grab your preferences from when it was working right and drop’em in.

Good luck!


Yeah, that’s definitely a good idea. I’ll give it shot. Thanks!

Well, I trashed the preference file (PC) but my old preferences remained intact. And regardless of where the cursor is when I double-click a MIDI or Audio file, the cursor opens at bar 2.

Is there a way to delete the preference file without completely deinstalling and reinstalling? It’s soooooooooooo ridiculously time consuming to press play and back up, just to find the cursor on every track.


Upon launching a new version, or “clean” preferences, Nuendo looks for preferences from older versions.
So if you have an earlier versio on your computer, the preferences will be taken’ from there.

Move your preferences to a temp folder, so you can always restore them.
(Actually, It’s a good idea to always keep a copy of your preferences, just in case something screws them up)
Temporarely rename you other/older Nuendo folders.
Launch Nuendo

===>> new, clean, default preferences will be created.