Silly question ...!

I’m currently writing a new symphonic album, and my son was asking how many notes I’d written – he wants to write about the recording for a school project. I’m assuming that this statistic isn’t hidden anywhere in Dorico? i.e. the number of notes in a flow or project.
Sorry for a rather irrelevant question.


There’s no function for that, no.

I thought that would be the case. I asked as I have a recollection that there was some sort of statistical analysis in Finale – I may be misremembering!

You can export MIDi: there you can find the notes. It’s not too difficult to understand the code.

If you still have Finale, you could export an XML from Dorico then import into Finale. Finale does have a File Statistics feature:

If you run Data Check / File Maintenance you get some other stats too:

There’s not an explicit note count though, as I think Entries includes anything input.

Many thanks for the thoughts. I doubt that we need to be that specific. A guide would be fun for him. Yes, I still have Finale but it’s been a while … good to know the grey cells didn’t misremember!

Export as MusixXML, open in a text editor and find out how many <note> entries there are and subtract the number of <rest> entries. Possibly the <note> item includes some other ‘non-note’ items (like <chord>) that need to be subtracted, but you will get an approximation.

You can open the MusicXML with Musescore and use the Score Statistics plugin.

Thanks for all this. It worked fine to export as xml and import to Finale – I should have thought of that. For interest, the answer was a little over 80,000 notes. It seems rather extraordinary when thinking about it!