Silly request: Any way to try out Dorico for iPad on M1 MacBook?

As the title says, this is probably a stupid question and there are obvious legal reasons behind this, but…

I noticed that Dorico for iPad (unsurprisingly) is only available on the App Store for the iPad. I happen to own the new M1 MacBook, but I don’t personally have an iPad. I have access to iPads at my college library job, but I would rather not skirt around account privileges and download the app onto them without IT’s permission :sweat_smile:

To be honest, I’m just super curious to try out Dorico on iPad and see how different things are. I’m interested in getting a sense of what Dorico 4 might feel like. This is not at all important and if the answer is no (I’m guessing it probably is), then I completely understand. :slight_smile:

No, I don’t think there’s a way to do that, unless there’s some sort of Apple alchemy I don’t know about.

I couldn’t imagine Steinberg would want a $4 version of Dorico showing up on desktops!

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No. It is limited to iPad only.

Steinberg deliberately disabled this for marketing purposes.

Why not just request to have them add dorico to the school iPads? I suspect they would. I teach at a college and I get an email right before each semester begins asking me what software my students need to have access to, so they can make sure it’s available on school equipment.

I already have, actually! Not much progress yet.

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