Silly SIDE CHAIN question


I recently download the FREE Eventide plugin Equivocate. I’m trying to use the side chain feature to use eq matching. However, unlike most plugins that offer side chain, the Equivocate plugin does not have the side chain button. I feel like I should know a workaround for this but never had to since the side chain button is usually there on the plugins that I need it to be except this one.

Here are screen shots of what i’m talking about and a link to the quick Equivocate tutorial where they do this really simple in Ableton by simply routing the output of one track to another track.


cubase side chain button.png
equivocate settings.png

So Equivocate isn’t VST3?

Then you go back to the old convoluted method.



Good luck!

Thanks for the quick reply! Nope…no VST 3 option! In a session now but i’ll check it out soon as i’m done. Thanks again.

Could you use Voxengo CurveEQ that comes with Cubase?

It has an option to match EQ.

Just came across this problem, and remembered it’s the old Cubase has a default location for VST3 plugins. I’d put it into another directory so it wasn’t picking them up either.

On Windows I copied the .vst3 over to C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3, did a re-scan, and the plugins were changed from vst2 to vst3, sidechain now present in the GUI :slight_smile:

This is on Cubase 9.5.

More info:

EDIT: Blimey, didn’t realise the thread was this old!