simile signs

Hi guys…I just upgraded to DoricoPro 2 about 2 weeks ago.
Does anybody knows where to find the “simile” signs …?
Thanks for your time and help in advance
Best regards

Do you mean bar repeats, that look a bit like %? If so, see the Repeats panel in Write mode.

Hi Daniel thanks for your prompt response.
Yes I’m talking about the “simile marks”, used to show repeated groups or bars (see attachment 1)
Sorry but I don’t see anything like it on Bar Repeats…Is on “Create Bar Repeat Region” (see attachment 2) the way to do it?
For instance, I want to repeat these 2 bar rhythmic pattern on the snare drum and the tambourine using those marks instead of repeating the same pattern over and over again.(see attachment 3)
Is there any way to do this?
Thanks again
Best regards

SimileMarks Att 1.png

Two weeks ago… you bought Dorico 1.2 unless you’re in the beta tester program ! Dorico Pro 2 (and its repeat signs) is out only since May 30, which would be 9 days.
If you really did buy Dorico Pro 2, then you have the Version History document, read between pp 25-28 to master the bar repeats :wink:

And if Mike indeed bought Dorico 1.2 two weeks ago, he would definitely qualify for a free upgrade to Dorico Pro 2.
If he indeed upgraded, he should make sure he is opening Dorico 2 instead of 1.2, which would still be on his computer unless he deleted it.

C’mon guys; the OP has already screenshotted Dorico 2, so we know he’s running Dorico 2. And reading the Version History only works if you speak whatever language well enough (including music jargon) to understand it.

As to the 2 weeks thing, maybe the OP’s in a part of the world where “I’ll be there soon” means “I’ll be there sometime in the next 5-7 hours” :wink:

Mike, you can specify repeat bars in Dorico 2, but you can’t use % signs to repeat a short pattern within one bar. I don’t think many people use it in this instance, as notation software makes it so easy to repeat music (and generally speaking within a single bar it doesn’t save much space).

Dear Pianoleo,
I did not open all the attachments, and you’re right ! It IS DP2 after all :slight_smile: Forget about my previous post !

HI Daniel
Just wanted to let you know that I found what I was looking for.
I’d like to thank Marc Larcher …for giving me the hint to my inquiry. I went to to Dorico Pro 2 Version History and found the explanation on how to add simile marks to my score.
Also I’d like to thank Pianoleo and Derrek for their suggestions,insights, comments and time
Thank you all for your kindness
Have a great weekend

You’re welcome Mike!
Nice feedback :blush:

Hey Marc, thanks again
Yes thanks to your suggestion I found the way to “visually” adding the bar repeat regions, (or “simile” marks, to my score…as you can see on this attachment of my score that I’m sending you (please see Attachment: Bar Repeat Signs) the only problem is that when the cursor reaches these bars there’s no sound. Dorico doesn’t read the music ( in this case the rhythmic pattern of the Bass Drum) that it is supposed to be represented by those repeat signs.
Am I missing something ? Or perhaps Dorico is not capable of reading these marks…yet! Have you tried this before? How did you solve this issue?
Merci encore!

Bar Repeats don’t play back yet.

Hi Craig F
Thanks for your response
That’s what I figured. Then I better copy the rythmic pattern while I’m working on the score and then at the moment of printing it, I’ll add these “simile marks”.
Thanks again
Have a great Sunday

Hello guys, does anybody know how could I :

  1. Change the name of an instrument in the actual score?
    I did it in Players and automatically it changes in Layouts… but still in the full score the name that appears is the one I loaded first, (Dorico named it automatically Synthesizer 2) , which I changed for Percussion Arkitekt (in this case) Please See attachments
  2. Also I’d like to know how could I delete the F clef staff of this Synthesizer 2 'cause I only need to use the G clef one.
    Thanks for your help and time in advance

Yep. The layout names over on the right (Setup Mode) are the ones that appear in the parts.

The names in the Players on the left are the ones that appear on the score.

That one messed all of us until we learned how it works.

If you’re using Dorico 2, Mike, you can remove the left-hand synth staff by selecting the first rest on the LH staff and choosing Edit > Staff > Remove Staff.

You can edit the instrument name (Synthesizer 2) by clicking on the chevron that will appear at its right when you hover the mouse on it — in the context menu that appears you Edit name…
Hope it helps

Hi Daniel thanks for your response. Done…I removed LH staff already.
Yes I’m using Dorico 2.
Thanks again

Hi Marc, thanks for your tip…
Sorry mate but I don’t see that chevron you mentioned (or line perhaps?) it will appear at the right of the instrument name when i hover the mouse over it. Nothing happen when I do that.
I wonder what am I doing wrong?
Thanks again

Hi lbuckley
Thanks for your comment.
You know, It made me feel… better.
I thought that it was me…now I see that It has happened to many Dorico users.
I’m still looking for a solution.
Marc kindly sent me a tip but I couldn’t make it work.
This thing has driving me crazy man!!! Ha,ha!
Thanks again

Mike, don’t worry.
I was talking about Setup mode, the left panel where you have the players. Each player has one or more “cards”, those cards are instruments. They appear when you click on the > at the left of the player. The “cards” have instrument names, you can change THERE the name (clicking at the right of the instrument name that appears when you hover the mouse over it) that will be the staff label in the score, if you want them to appear. I hope I’m clearer.