Simon Philips drum set not visible

Did a new install on my Mac Pro 5,1 with Mojave of Cubase 9.5 Artist.
eLicenser is ok.
I installed Cubase 9.5 with upgrade to v9.5.50 and Groove Agent 4 with update to v4.2.50
Then I downloaded Simon Philips studiodrums for Groove Agent 4 and installed it.

Now when I create an instrument track with Groove Agent, I don’t see the Simon Philips.
I have no clue, the Simon Philips VST sounds are present in the VST Sound folder.

Hope for help,


Simon Phillips Studio Drums is a chargeable add-on and will not show up unless you have a licence for it available on your system. If you have an activation code for the set, enter it using the “Enter Activation Code” option in eLicenser Control Center.

Hi David,
I do have a license from a few years ago and it it still visible in eLicenser control center. Since I installed Cubase and Groove Agent 4 from scratch on my new Mac, do I have to activate it again?