Simon Phillips Jazz Drums Install - Complete Chaos


Why can’t you keep to a unified structure?

All previous content installs have gone here: C:\Users\User Name\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Content\Groove Agent\VST Sound

But Jazz Drums is here: C:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Content\Groove Agent\VST Sound

And the Acoustic Agent Simon Phillips Jazz Drums.png - where is that supposed to go?

Because it’s missing from media bay - please let me know where it goes??? ( see attached )
All round Steinberg - you really need to sort out the mess that is Groove Agent Install and files.

Everything is everywhere. - It’s all spread out over at least 3 different locations around the computer.

In fact that missing Simon Phillips Jazz png -

The install says: Acoustic Agent Simon Phillips Jazz Drums.png

But the png is actually the Metro Heights png
see attached
not SP-Jazz-png.jpg
This Simon Phillips Jazz Drums Installer is simply not fit for purpose and not good enough.

It’s not an inexpensive sound set - so I expect the install to be right.


The Drums sound very good - probably the best of the groove agent drums so far.

Hi Dave,

I assume you have done a Multi-User installation with the Jazz Drum, while all other products are single user.
Please, uninstall Jazz Drums and re-install it.
Make sure the “Multi-User” option is not selected
(default is “not selected”)


Thanks -good to know for future reference

and the missing png?

There is no missing png after installation.

I always have issues with icons when trying to install expansions in a different directory/drive.

I need to create symbolic links from the c drive as I don’t want use my c drive space.

Actually Frank:
You’re right, but:

If ( making the mistake of clicking ) installing for all users - the png ‘is’ missing.

Having taken your advice - and uninstalled the sound set
And reinstalled - without checking ‘install for all users’

The Library is now in the correct place
Media Bay can now see it
And the png is now visible

So the take away ( customer advice) from this thread is: whatever you do - do NOT click the ‘install for all users’ check box on installation.

Thank you Frank

As for the sounds:
I think they’re superb.
The sound is amazing
I’m still using Vintage Funky [sticks] which to me sounds like a drum kit should.
The kick wallops through, the snare transients cut straight through and those cymbals; they just shimmer.
A very playable and versatile kit that adapts well to further processing within GA4.
With such a solid core sound - it easily lends itself to rock, pop and pretty much anything else too.