Simon Phillips Jazz Drums not installing

Bought this a couple of Months ago but it s not coming up in Media bay, Groove Agent or the Library manager.

Raised a case with Steinberg but they have not replied. Not a cheap product so I’d expect a better
Service Steinberg!!

Does anyone here know how to resolve this? I’ve read about a .png but I don’t seem to have one in the folder that the installer extracted to so I’m lost and out of pocket at the molest.

If anyone can help, I’d be hugely grateful.

check the location path of the VST library. my guess is you installed it in a non-default location.

Bonsoir, c’est pareil pour moi. Je l’ai pourtant installé à l’emplacement par défaut.

Bonsoir, j’ai le même problème, c’est agaçant. Je voudrais le désinstaller pour le réinstaller, mais je ne le trouve même pas… si vous avez une réponse, je prends