Simon phillips studio drums default install location

What is the default install location for simon phillips studio drums? I have wasted my whole weekend trying to get GA 5 to work. Thanks!

There are two installers for Simon Phillips Studio Drums - one for Groove Agent 4 and one for Groove Agent 5. If you do not have the Groove Agent 5 version, it is available in the “Groove Agent Drum Kits and Styles” section of Steinberg Download Assistant.

Once you have Groove Agent 5 installed (or a Steinberg DAW containing Groove Agent 5 SE), double click one of the files in the folder downloaded using Steinberg Download Assistant. Steinberg Library Manager should load with an install dialog - set the appropriate options and click OK. You only need double click one of the files - Steinberg Library Manager will install all the other files from the same folder.

Once correctly installed, Simon Phillips Studio Drums should show in the Groove Agent section of Steinberg Library Manager.