Simple brackets to mark subphrases

I’m having trouble creating a set of 3 reusable symbols—“half brackets”—to use in musical examples created in Dorico. To see what I’m after, please check the attached graphic. You’ll see that my “half brackets” segment groups within the 4-bar phrase. After a great deal of trial and error, I finally found a solution that worked: import three graphic files (half brackets made in a drawing program) into Dorico’s articulation editor, scale them, then assign them to three articulations I don’t need to use in the examples in my project. So far, so good.

The only trouble is that my project has thousands of examples in dozens of styles, and each style has its own Dorico file. When I try to use the Library Editor to import the edited musical symbols (my half brackets), they don’t carry through. The imported half brackets you see require quite a bit of tweaking in Dorico’s music symbol editor to get them to appear in the correct proportion. Having to do that for each file will take a lot of time.

I’ve tried importing the edited musical symbols from a Dorico file and a .doricolib file. Neither works.

Does anyone have an idea for how to get the same effect? It would be super cool if I could simply draw lines to create a custom symbol in the musical symbol editor, but no such option seems available. The line editor and performance techniques editors don’t offer solutions that seem to work, either. Maybe I’m missing something?

Couldn’t you make these be endpoint of a line, and set its line thickness to 0?

Perhaps? I’d have to see what it might look like. I’ve tried just about everything and not been able to come up with a solution that works. Could I trouble you to replicate what you suggest and post it?

Dan’s suggestion is a good one! Just create a line with 0 width. When creating a line, click Line Annotation Editor, then in the music symbol category, create your analytical marks. In Bravura these exist in the Analytics category as you can see here in the SMuFL list. Set up an Line Annotation similar to below:

After you’ve created these, add them to your 0-width line and enter into the score:

You can modify the color or Alpha channel opacity in Properties if you want too.

I don’t see an attached graphic in your post, but if I’m picturing this right, there are brackets in SMuFL for this purpose: U+E862 and E863 for start- and end-Stimme. I find these nowhere near tall enough in Bravura, so perhaps the standard Unicode box drawing glyphs U+250F and 2513 ┏ and ┓would be suitable? The latter are found in many fonts, so you wouldn’t have to use music symbols in the PUA and could just insert them via Shift-X text.

Edit: Oh, I see you already started another thread about this a few minutes later. Please move this post to the other thread …

The box drawing character that would correspond to start-and-end ┳ is U+2533.

Thanks very much, Gentlemen! I’ve got it working perfectly now!

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