PLEASE :exclamation:
1- Just make ‘‘select and edit’’ automation lines (currently you have to create two points before the area which we want to edit and two points after the area… Than try to select the points which are inner side and then try to edit and MOSTLY WE FAIL AND GO CRAZY… Men do it just like Logci or Protools way… Why you are still insisting on this…

2 - Audio warp in the project… You know what it is…

3- UNDO FUNCTION in the mixer…

4- Dock the mixer and other main windows…

5- MAKE the MAIN OUT CHANNEL constant near by the ControlRoom (it can be optional…)

+1 especially 1,2 & 4!!!

YES, YES, and YES!!! +1

I support these! ESPECIALLY#'s 1, 2 and 3!!!


I guess 5 can be done by the zones. So the Main Out is locked to the right side, and then the control room is at the right side. I agree to all others.

One more suggestion. This one’s not as important, but it would be nice as heck if a new option were introduced such that the automation nodes WON’T disappear once you take your mouse away from the automation lane. I know it was probably done that way to make the Cubase track view look nice and neat, and that’s all well and good, but if you’ve got a ‘stray’ node on an automation lane that is otherwise straight and you don’t want to delete any other nodes on that lane, you have to hover your mouse directly over the lane just to be able to see it so you can hunt for it and delete it. Extremely inconvenient.

Automation in Cubase has been the one thing in an otherwise fantastic DAW that has always been a thorn in my side. Yes, as the first reviewer mentioned it, if automation worked in Cubase like it does in Logic Pro or Pro Tools, it would be Manna from Heaven.

These are good points, especially the mixer undo button.

I think having a mixer undo button is even more important with the mixer getting more complex as it’s easy to hit the wrong button and mess something up. Often I’ll save a preset for a specific vocalist on an instrument mic that is recorded the same on multiple songs on one album and by mistake, when clicking the preset menu I accidentally click on another preset instead of the save button and my work on that channel is erased forever and I have to start again.


We really do need a revamp to automation.

It kinda makes you just not want to use it, it’s certainly not pleasant to use, especially for such an important task.