Simple CC remap

I have an old M-Audio key station with a single fader that outputs CC7. I’d like to use Midi Remote to remap that to CC11. I can map it to a project social editor preset “cc7 to 11” but when I try to use it Cubase says Logical Preset not supported. I guess what I really need is access to an input transformer?


Which Cubase edition do you use, please?

Yes, you need an Input Transformer.

Filter Target
( Type Is | Equal | Controller | And
Value 1/MIDI Controller No. | Equal | 7 )

Action Target
Value 1 | Set to Fixed Value | 11


Don’t forget to enable the modul.

C12. But I’d need the input transformer on every track. I was hoping the midi remote would be able to deal with controllers but it appears not.
I’m considering a fader box desktop controller that i could switch between pages in the midi remote for different fader mappings. Maybe an update


This is Cubase version. I mean Cubase edition, like Pro, Artist, Elements, AI, LE.

You can use the Project Input Transformer and enable it at every single MIDI/Instrument track. Or you can make a track preset with the Input Transformer in it.

No, this is not, what is MIDI Remote API designed for.

Aha Cubase Pro. Forgot about the project level input transformer, thanks