Simple Edits Suddenly Take Too Long

An issue has suddenly popped up, and I’m hoping someone can help me fix it. I have a new audio project started, a single track recorded of a single instrument playing single notes. I’m in the Audio Editor, just removing empty spaces and doing a little time adjustment with Warp. Everything was normal. About 2 minutes in, I selected about 2 seconds of dead space between notes, and hit Delete. Nothing happened. I sat staring at the screen, thinking maybe I missed it, trying to see if it had actually deleted. After 8 seconds or so, the selected area finally disappeared, and the rest of the notes came sliding over to the left. Next, I had a note that was too long, so I chopped a little off- but had to wait a good 8 seconds for it to actually go away. Then I wanted to add a short fade out to the end of the cut-off note. Again, it took forever for the wave form to fade out. I tried a few other simple editing operations- each one took at least 30 times as long to complete as it should have.

I shut down Cubase and restarted the computer, then opened up Cubase and the project, and tried it again. Same odd occurrence. I closed the project and opened another. I tried selecting and deleting a few notes of audio, and it worked as normally expected.

Apparently, I changed something in the first project that causes edits to take a long time to complete, but I have no idea what it could be. Any suggestions on what to look for?