Simple feature missing? Edit in external editor... (WaveLab... iZotope RX, etc.)

I have a need to edit a clip, selection, or whatever, in an external audio editor. Maybe I’m spoiled. The current iZotope RX “Spectral De-Noise” is broken (it won’t learn), so I wanted to open it as an external editor. Heck, even sending to WaveLab Pro would be nice. But…
Where is it?
I could have sworn I’ve been able to send clips or tracks to external editors in the past, but now I can’t find the option. I’m using Cubase Pro 12 latest… am I hallucinating? This seems like such a basic feature.


I’m on Windows, so if you’re using Mac OS, the workflow might be different. The below mentioned workflow only applies to Izotope RX. I’m using RX 8, so this might be different in older or newer versions.

1.Select the audio event you want to edit in RX. Press F7 to open the offline processing window. Disable “auto apply” in the offlince processing window. This is important, otherwise the workflow will not work properly.
2. Load the “Izotope RX Connect” plugin in the offline process window.
3. In the connect plugin window that is now open in the offline process window, press “send and edit” (or something like that, I forgot the exact phrasing).
4. The RX editor opens in the backround, you can apply your procesing there.
5. Press “send back to Cubase” on the audio tab in RX. There is a littel arrow on the right side of the tab.
6. In the Cubase offline processing window, press apply. This is important!
7. Your changes will be applied to the audio event you’ve sent back from RX. A new audio file will be created in the backround. The new created audio file will be stored in your project folder in an new folder called “edits”. In the Cubase window, you will have the “offline process” indicator on the right top side of the audio event. This way you can know, which event has some offline processes on it.

One important note: in the offlince process window, you can bypass the offline process from the “Izotope RX Connect” plugin. In this case, your edit ist lost and won’t come back after you press bypass again. This has something to do with the “Izotope RX Connect” plugin and is not a fail from Cubase. It is just how the offline process works.

Best regards, Tomess.

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This may get an awful lot easier soon. WL12 is going to have ARA2 support (as extension/plugin) when its released - probably before years end…(?)

Ok, a bit extra expense, granted… But will be a fine solution I’m sure…:wink:

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I did a quick test (will have more time later), and this might do exactly what I need! Not a general solution, but in the case of RX, this might be the ticket. I’ll play with the behavior a bit. It seems that the direct offline processing with things like RX tools is a bit buggy, sadly. (And I can never quite figure out how to just show me the region an effect is applying to… always have to click around… it’s clear on entire clips - little wav in upper right - but otherwise, super not clear)
Thanks for the hot tip!!

This is Cubase 13 but I’m pretty sure 12 was the same.

hmm… I definitely have WaveLab pro installed and working fine… but I don’t see that option:

I just checked and C12 shows it too for me. I don’t think there is a Preference at play.

That’s weird. I might have recently uninstalled an older version of wavelab. Perhaps it removed something that cubase uses to know that it’s there. I’ll research a little bit more. Thanks for the help!


With many new neural networks with available APIs, the missing feature of editing with external editors (including custom user scripts) comes up again :slightly_smiling_face:

I understand that you can export any part of the project, edit it in some external program, then import it back into the project, but I’m talking about speed.

An example of such a case: at the press of one hotkey I send a piece of sound to a neural network, which fixes the file, then gives the result back to the DAW (as it is done now in Audio-Edit in wavelab or RX-connect DOP menu)

regards, Alex