Simple (?) feature request(s) - Edit Line of Lyrics expansion

Hey all,

Edit line of lyrics is a useful function but could be more useful if:

a) it had find & replace functionality (simple search box, and another box for replace?)

b) you could add “soft” carriage returns to break up the text and make it more readable (i.e. that won’t affect the lyric line itself but that would be persistent and also automatically break the translation up in the same way

c) The font matched the font in the score (for the sake of unusual glyphs)

d) if you entered the dialogue by choosing a lyric and right clicking, choosing “Edit line of lyric” it would be good if the cursor was automatically at the start of the word you had selected.

e) my usual cry for a good way of inputting unusual glyphs.

edit: f) simple way to switch between lines of lyrics without coming out of the dialogue

Many thanks


Addendum: I would not like to know the ways I can do this for myself (undoubtedly, placing the text in a text editor will add all of the functionality I am asking for). This is a cool feature request, not a cry for help. Smiley face.


f) And for changes made to the “edit lyrics” box to not reset the position of all lyrics in that line… please.

That’s the reason I don’t currently use that box, because all the spacing changes are lost.


Or for that matter, when you simply click on a lyric and press enter to pull up the lyric entry box again. I suppose I can understand how it would be a benefit if the lyric changed quite a bit, but simply fixing a spelling mistake doesn’t mean I no longer want the lyric that I deliberately set to be XXX alignment to no longer be aligned that way. A global preference for this behavior would be very welcomed.


B— would indeed be very welcome. I set psalms to anglican chant tones all the time and boy would this help me a TON.
C—a small but nice touch. I like this idea.

I’ve also mentioned elsewhere two of my own:
1—We need the ability to selectively activate lyric extender lines and drag them out to the appropriate length.
2—I’d also love it if any time you type more than one word into the same lyric position (ie- a line of text to one long note like in psalm settings) the lyric would automatically left align.

And in tandem with #2 (which @dankreider mentioned in his recent ScoringNotes interview, and I couldn’t agree more) we need control over the default alignment values. I find that anything left aligned is too far to the right. At least with my font of choice, it looks like the words start a little bit into the note and are not actually properly lined up with the left edge. I always end up nudging my lyrics over a few clicks to make it look right.

Oh, and one more (which I believe Daniel said was on their backlog): I’d love for Dorico to ignore punctuation characters when left/right aligning. “______ or conversely _______” always messes things up. (The quotation characters skew things too far and should be ignored like in professional typesetting programs like InDesign and Affinity Publisher/)