Simple File Browser

I would LOVE to see a more simple file browser or sound browser or at least for media bay or the current sound browser to have an option where it doesn’t complicate the process. It seems like media bay “over thinks”, for lack of a better way to put it. I have a folder with less than 20 sounds in it and media bay sometimes takes 30 seconds just to pull it up.

I’ve been all over this forum, through the manual and every youtube video I can find and the ONLY solution I could find was the file browser in Groove Agent 4. Forgive me for saying this, but as much as I paid for the full version of Cubase, I’m a little salty that Groove Agent has a better file browser than Cubase itself. I’m sure this can be implemented rather easily.

Somebody help me if I’m missing something. Thanks.

I found the Windows browser inside the media browser. It’s hidden. I am forever perplexed by the Cubase browser system. I do not like it.


A browser like in Studio One, Bitwig, Sonar.