Simple "Import Flow" confusion

Hey guys - I have three pieces for piano/soprano that I’d like to combine into one flow in order to finish them for printing, etc. When I “import flow” and connect them all, the score then changes to include Soprano 1/Piano 1, Soprano 2/Piano 2, and Soprano 3/Piano 3, and I cannot seem to work out an appropriate way to have it simply say Soprano/Piano. Is there a simple step I missed in the import process?

Thanks for all the help, this resource is incredibly helpful in navigating Dorico as it grows up!

In setup mode, click on the layout panel on the right, and double-click the layout to rename it as you wish.

Edit: oops, I think Daniel is right. I read a little too quickly.

I think the problem is that you didn’t choose the option to “merge players where possible” when you imported the flows. If you’ve not done too much work since you imported the flows, you might be better off starting again.

Ah, you’re totally right. I misread how that dialog was supposed to work. Thanks very much, guys.