Simple Layout for a Symphony: parts


a simple task, and I have not yet managed it in simple way:
I would like to copy a Symphony in three movements and get pleasing score and part layouts.
I have all the music in three flows. I have a score with title, composer, copyright. And I have given the flows the names of the four movements. When it comes to movement 2 and 3, how should I handle the text information in the project window? Thank you for help. I like to use the default master pages.

In Project Information you can give different information (movement title) for each flow.

It might be better to create a new master page for the start of each movement after the first one.

You could start by copying the “first” master page, just deleting the text frames you don’t need (e.g. you don’t want to repeat the composer name, etc) and then resizing the music frame to fill the empty space.

You might want to create a new master page for the title page as well, if it’s more complicated than just a single text frame. Keeping the document formatting separate from the content is usually a good idea, even though most WYSIWYG software tutorials start by telling you not to work like that!

Thank you Derrek,

1st flow
Title: Symphony No. 21
Composer: Mozart
Subtitle: 1. Allegro

2nd flow
Title: (blank)
Subtitle: 2. Andante
Composer: (blank)

3rd flow
Title: (blank)
Subtitle: 3. Allegro
Composer: (blank)

This is, how I start.
I realise the masterpages do not have the tokens for subtitles @FlowSubtitle@
Where should I add them, when for the parts I allow the flows
to start on the same page?

Thank you Rob,
your suggestion sounds perfect. Still there is this problem where to put the frame for the Subtitle, if I allow flows/movements on the same page (as it is common practise).

I don’t think that is possible yet - no titling at all if you choose to begin flow on existing page. The headers change accordingly though.

You can do this manually, but not with a Master Page.
Watch this Discover Dorico video starting at 26:30.

thank you Fkretlow, actually the video does help :slight_smile: