Simple Left Right Spectral stereo panner

Hi there,

I suggest a small plugin within you can choose with two standard Cubase curves associated to the two channels inputs which you can edit to select part of the spectrum is panned between left and right. Like a spectral stereo matrix.
Those curves could be drawn along the spectrum “window” field ( a rectangle representing the frequencies from 20Hz to 20000Hz like the EQ spectrum… )

For example the default setting is the left curve on top and the right curve on bottom, then by drawing them, you can pan a specific spectrum area per channel and for ex. swap the low frequencies from left to right at 500Hz or monoize the lowest part of the spectrum… create spectrum steps with a more pulse form curve… put all the highs to the right…

You could eventually create the pro plugin with a 4 or 6 channels handling :wink:

Everyone need this :sunglasses: