Simple line in audio detection

I have downloaded cubase 8 elements
I have a guitar into the line in on my pc
i can hear my guitar when i play it

I cannot get cubase to show that there is audio playing through the computer.

I have gone to devices, tried to set the in/out to low generic latency driver but it doesnt set it. You select it then it clips off.

Any suggestions?

Still having issues with this. Downloaded a free sequencer, audacity, records audio in just fine. What am i not doing here?

Download the free asio4all driver and install it. Select this as the driver in Cubase and try again.

You need monitor button to be on and there will be some latency (delay) between hitting the strings and hearing the audio

Once it’s working you can try lowering the buffer size in asio to minimise latency (delay between hitting the string and hearing the audio)

Realistically though you need a dedicated audio interface to record live and you need an instrument level input rather than line level for a guitar.