Simple Loopmash Question

I love Loopmash, but the way I would mostly use it is to add a new, relatively brief section or break down to my jingles.

Sorry if I’m just missing something here, but is there a key or controller command to start/stop Loopmash from playing during a song, while in sync mode? I’d like to MIDI record the play button being turned on and off.

I know there are workarounds . . . I can create a scene that is silent, and just cue that when I don’t want it to play. Or I can automate muting of the channel, or take the volume to zero. But with all the other cool key commands assigned to things like scene selection, special effects, etc. - - isn’t there one for the play button?


There are key bindings to start/stop and sync on/off, but the ones listed in the manual are wrong. The right keys are:
C2: Start
C#2: Stop
D2: Sync on
D#2: Sync off

Hope that helps