Simple Midi Chord / Harmoniser

Dear all,

first post here, sorry if it has already been asked before but could not find this anywhere in the manual or internet

Is there a way, either in the Midi inserts or in the Halion6 midi modules to automatically create a chord from a midi note, and manually choose which notes are added? For ex. I want to be able to add an octave to any incoming note, so that if play C3, it would automatically play C3+C4. Or I add a minor third and fifth, so that each note I play gets turned into a minor chord : if you press C, you hear Cmin, if you press F, you get Fmin, if you press Ab, you get Abmin etc…

It’s basically like an arpeggiator, but instead of playing the notes in sequence, it plays them as a chord. A bit like the “autochord” function on old keyboards.

I haven’t found a simple way to do this. In ableton, there is a simple midi plugin that allows you to “add” additional notes to an incoming midi note.

I’m sure this is really easy to do, just can’t find it

thank you!!

Hi you,
you might want to have a look at the chorder midi plugin - it does a lot of things, not THAT simple, but nice. It allows to add notes to a single note and more.

You could e.g. use the “global key” mode and use the layer function to assign chord variations. The plugin-manual describes it quite well and if you invest an hour to play around with the plugin, I am sure you will make great use of it!

All the best!


For your purposes the chord pads most likely are also a great thing - by learning to use them you will most likely enhance your music a lot

Thanks Ernst for the help, worked out perfectly!
Too bad you can’t specify a fixed Velocity for the harmonised notes (so that, for ex., the octave up would be softer than the original note)