Simple Nuendo Video Satellite

I would like to see a very simple Nuendo Video Satellite. Basically it would be the same as “streamers” but with all the new ADR features it would be far better to have a Steinberg dedicated program.

So the idea is that you have a program that has JUST the video engine, that syncs to Nuendo through either Ethernet or System-Link. The only extra would be that it copies all the markers/video overlays from the main program.

This would allow you to work at lower latencies with higher quality video for minimal extra costs. I think the program could be really simple as most of the code should already be “there”. (video engine and network capabilities)

Hope you take it in consideration :slight_smile:


Actually I think the suggestion of adopting Studio Connect for ADR would work too if studio connect syncs 1:1 on a local LAN and you can make the video full-screen