simple pannig not working

Hi guys,

i’m wondering why a simple pan automation of an audio track is not working.

i’ve wrote the automation, and i even saw movement on the channel panning section in the mixer and still
it sounds with zero movement…(and of course the read automation is on…)

working with nuendo 6.
did i miss something?


Check routing, check vst connections, check control room monitoring, check plug ins (some plug ins like pitch driver) mess panning and routing…

Bye / Tumppi

well its something with the routing and i don’t know what is it…
when the audio channel is routes simply stereo out, i can hear the panning.
when i’m routing it threw a group channel, i don’t hear the panning…

what did i miss :confused:

A good chance that your Group Channel is mono.


What Fredo said…

Thanks, problem solved.