Simple PC video editor for tutorial / "making of" - video

What would you use?

I have no skills in making videos, I just want to record whats on the screen and talk to it and cut that all together so I can show how a song was made.


I have no personal experience with it, but I’ve seen this software in action in livestreams. It’s free and it’s got a lot of options for screens in screens etc, which might come in handy.

Pinnacle have a very good video edit suite and also Cyberlink power producer is very good and less fussy about the files…but if you wanna keep it simple use the Windows movie maker…Kevin

I picked up Adobe’s Premiere and Photoshop Elements combined for $100 from Amazon last spring. The holiday sale season is coming up…

Elements are the lite versions of full thing but more than what you need here. As far as recording the screen I used to use something called Cam Studio free. Not sure if it’s still available been awhile since I looked for screen recorders.

Still around

Use this one, this contains everything you need and more. And it´s easy to youse.

Does PSE allow for video editing . I picked this up for $29 few years ago and was checking for this feature last night.

Premiere Elements is the video editor. Don’t believe Photoshop Elements allows that. I have version 11. I actually use GIMP and the GAP plugin for artsy video stuff. But the learning curve is insane. But it is free.


Thank you guys, I will look at the options.

OBS project being the first, for it’s free. :slight_smile: