Simple Percussion Loops

I have the Cubase LE with Groove Agent SE4. I am trying to find SIMPLE percussion loops/patterns using for example: only tamborine, or only a djembe, or only a shaker. Is there anywhere in Cubase I can find this, or any suggestions where online I can go to download some simple loops such as the ones mentioned.
THanks for your help, so far all i find are full drumsets with overcomplicated loops (complicated for the style I am aiming for at least)

Look forward to hearing from someone
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Use MediaBay and use a search field or the filters.

Thanks for the reply,
Unfortunately still can’t get what i’m after.
Firstly, the percussion instruments i’m mostly interested in namely djembe, shaker, tamborine are not there (tamborine is within a drum kit but it has no loops dedicated to it as a sole instrument) …
Secondly, even the simple percussion instruments I found I found there we no “preset loops” that I could use.

Once again, thanks for the reply … any other suggestions much appreciated