Simple playback in Dorico Elements 2 ?

Hi, I’m just starting out with Elements 2 (version I stumbled through entering a few bars, and I want to hear what my “score” sounds like. It’s a bass guitar part, and all I want is to hear it played back with something that sounds reasonably like a bass guitar. I read the “Play Mode” help, including “VST and MIDI instruments panel”. I assumed MIDI would use the built in sounds in my laptop, whatever they are - my previous notation software had no problem using them. But the MIDI section appears to refer only to MIDI devices plugged in to the computer. So I guess I’m supposed to use Halion Sonic SE. I selected that, and it popped up a Halion Sonic SE3 dialog box that looks like the cockpit of an airplane. There are no instructions whatsoever in the help for navigating that dialog box - only something about VST 2 vs. VST 3 and Kontakt, which I have no idea what they’re talking about. I managed to get an electric bass loaded into slot 1 in the dialog box. Then what ? There’s no “Ok” or “Apply” or “Submit” button in the dialog box, only a red X to close it in the upper right corner. Closing it that way appears to discard your selection. All I want is to hear the freaking bass line to check for mistakes, not master a recording from it. Is there a simpler way to do this ? Thanks in advance !

When starting or importing a new score Dorico normally sets up the playback automatically to use HSSE and it will also load the appropriate sounds and assignments.
So it should be hassle free and you should get reasonable playback immediately.
I don’t know why you have such problems.
With your score loaded, please go to Play Mode and then choose from the main menu ‘Play > Playback Template’.
A little dialog opens and in there choose ‘HSSE (Elements)’.
That in turn will set up HSSE appropriately and when then pressing the play button sound shall come out.
Please try.

Thanks Ulf, after doing what you suggested I was able to hear playback. I must have missed that in the online help.