Simple project suddenly 4gb .cpr file?

I have many .cpr files. They all have the exact same plugins loaded from a template. Each .cpr has 1 audio file loaded onto a single audio track.

Most of the .cpr files are reasonable file size (750kb - 1.5mb), randomly some of them are 2-4gb. For just the .cpr file.

Is there any explanation for this? It seems like a memory leak bug of some sort. Maybe an out of control undo log or something like that? I have no idea.

I’m on Cubase but about to update to the latest, hopefully that fixes it.

This sounds like an old bug from C11 and earlier iirc. Maybe @Martin.Jirsak or @Romantique_Tp remember more.

But anyway, certainly update, 12.0.30 is pretty old in computer time.

Also rule out prefs as culprit by starting in Cubase Safe Mode with disabled preferences

Unfortunately it seems to still be happening even with the latest C12 update.

I loaded Cubase with saved preferences temporarily bypassed. Are you suggesting that doing that should refresh things and solve my issue or that it could be from a corrupted presets and requires me to fully delete them and start fresh?

For anyone else, I found out that Youlean Loudness Meter (Youlean Loudness Meter - Free VST, AU and AAX plugin) was the culprit. If I remove that plugin from one of the bloated projects and save, the cpr file shrinks down to sub 1MB.