Simple project suddenly 4gb .cpr file?

I have many .cpr files. They all have the exact same plugins loaded from a template. Each .cpr has 1 audio file loaded onto a single audio track.

Most of the .cpr files are reasonable file size (750kb - 1.5mb), randomly some of them are 2-4gb. For just the .cpr file.

Is there any explanation for this? It seems like a memory leak bug of some sort. Maybe an out of control undo log or something like that? I have no idea.

I’m on Cubase but about to update to the latest, hopefully that fixes it.

This sounds like an old bug from C11 and earlier iirc. Maybe @Martin.Jirsak or @Romantique_Tp remember more.

But anyway, certainly update, 12.0.30 is pretty old in computer time.

Also rule out prefs as culprit by starting in Cubase Safe Mode with disabled preferences