Simple question - Can you bounce tracks in Cubasis yes or no

Nothing in FAQ, can’t find simple direct answer here. Newbie to Cubasis, just looking to bounce some tracks together - can it be done and if so how? If it cannot be done is there a way to group or lock tracks together so changes in effects, volume, pan, etc will affect them all universally?

Thank you for your time and kind assistance,

Sean Patick Duross
kalamazoo, Mi, USA


glad to have you with us and that you are using Cubasis. A simple way of bouncing various tracks together would be to SOLO (S) the once you wish to group and then press MEDIA at the top left corner and choose Mixdown. Then you can import the stereo track back into your project.

Group editing inside a project for automations for example is possible to a certain degree. By pressing SELECT you can mark various MIDI events and then press on Automation and open the editor. In the left menu you should see the selected tracks and now can draw your automations, which you can then COPY/ PASTE to another track.

Hope that helps…