Simple Question...

Hi, and thank you in advance.

Just wondered if it was possible to set cubase to display the audio waveform post plugins and eq?
For example, i’ll import a vocal file but would like the main window or the editing window to display what the wave form looks like after i’ve added plugins etc.
Is this possible?


If a feature like this was present and enabled, Cubase would have to process the audio every time you added a plugin, or every time you changed a parameter in said plugin. This would waste a lot of time (especially if real-time processing was used) and sometimes give inaccurate results (depending on if the plugin required real-time processing).

If you want the resultant waveform post plugins, ether:

  1. export the track and re-import into the project.
  2. record the track via internal bus to a new track
  3. put a spectrum analyzer as a send effect.

Ok. thanks.
A “update waveform render” button would be a good addition.
So you could fiddle with stuff and then have a visual of what you’ve ended up with and how far the peaks have been brought down etc.

Thank away.
Speccy Anny it is then.

Spectrum analyzer + cycle playback?

Peak metering?

It would be a totally ridiculous addition to me, and I hope Steinberg won’t put any resources into developing something like it. If I want visual results, I’ll start a visual line of work. My ears couldn’t care less if there’s a DC signal on screen or a 440 Hz sinus.

Can already be done with minimum effort.

Easy. Export out. Back to track. It’s not as if anyone would need to look at hundreds of the things that they need a button to do it.
Why? Are you designing new waveforms or just DEAF! :mrgreen:

Even simpler than that. :wink:

The spectrum analyzer function in the audio menu :exclamation:

(Page 257 of the operation manual :wink: )