Simple? question..

I need to route one lane (for reference audio material) in the audio montage past (bypassed) the master chain, while leaving the other lane routed through the master section and all the plugins inserted there.
Both tracks then need to come out on the same physical output. How can I do that?

Not possible, sorry.

OK. Thanks for the quick answer!
How would you listen to reference tracks when mastering?
Another application?
Perhaps play from the file browser list?

Looking for another solution than getting Pyramix :wink:

You might want to try moving the plugins to the track that needs them, rather than using them in the master section. Or use them as clip plugins. That would then allow you to do the ref tracks A-B monitor you’re looking to do.

Or you could put your master tracks in one montage, the ref tracks in another montage, and tile them vertically using a tab group below. Then they could even be of different sample rates.
I haven’t tried Pyramix in a long time, but I can’t imagine they’re using a method that can’t be replicated in Wavelab. If you use the plugins in the montage (as track, clip, or montage master plugins) it seems it would do what you want.

Great suggestions!
Thanx bob99