Simple Recording of Acustic Guitar (One Stero Track)

I’m hoping someone can direct me to the right place for some basic instruction. All I want to do is record one stereo track with a live instrument. I have two mics plugged into a iRig box that plugs directly into the lightening port on my 12.9” iPad Pro. All the tutorials are focused on multiple tracks, MIDI, processors, editing etc.

I realize the app is overkill for a simple track but I wanted some additional features for future use. Anyway I have found the whole process to be very frustrating. I’m hoping someone has done this and would be willing to outline the process (maybe with some screen shots); There are so many steps in the tutorials I don’t need (all the midi instruments, setting tempo and time signatures, pulling up multiple tracks, etc.).

Just want to record a simple track. Help?

For reference I’m actually trying to record classical guitar (nylon string)…


Hi John,

Thanks for your message.

Here are the links to a Cubasis song production tutorial, which includes guitar recordings as well:

Hope that helps top get you started!