simple request: Make it so I NEVER miss Ableton

The above should be explanatory.

We don’t need everything Ableton has - a lot is in Cubase anyway.
But wherever Ableton does some thing we love Ableton for - and wherever Ableton does what Cubase does … but better and simpler … let us have the means to do it in Cubase 11.


Make me not have to switch to Ableton for anything I miss Ableton for…

Doesn’t sound so simple to me. Where would they even start?

Two things come to mind for me though:

  1. Gapless audio engine: Audio dropping out for a second anytime i add new VSTI and some FX really is a flow killer.

  2. Better modulation system: Auto LFO is rudimentary at best, and can only easily be applied to vsti/vst fx that has midi learn. You can apply the Auto LFO to other parameters if you are prepared to use loopback midi and route your LFO through the generic remote but that is an extremely clunky workaround.
    Modulation in Live is covered via M4L and works easily. But most other DAWs , particuarly Reason and Bitwig have arguably better systems in place. Cubase is lagging way behind here.


Just get good with Groove Agent, for me, satisfies the Ableton-esque loop itch.

Ableton should make Ableton VST. It’s the smartest thing Proppellerhead did turning Reason into a VST.

Oh yea ableton vst would be great.

Oh and Logic X vst

not sure why Logic would become a VST, doesn’t really make sense, but for Ableton it does… They would only make more money, not less.

Logic has really good built in instruments / synths and plugins

So does Cubase, arguably better. But it wouldn’t be in Logics interest

I’d rather have programs pulling away from each other.
Some go in an electronica direction, some in old skool recording studio direction, some go … well, enough of that!
If all programs have code for the same type of functionality they would be bloated beyond usable in a few years time.
And we would have to pay for several behemoths doing the same things instead of investing our $$$ at more agile and flexible solutions.