Simple request: splitting the dorico youtube channel

I have a simple request: Should you split Dorico’s YouTube channel so that it’ll be one separate channel in english and one separate channel in german? It seems unnecessary to detail the benefits of this: receiving notifications only about videos in your wanted language, as well as an easier search in the channel’s video database.
I understand that it may be difficult to sort the videos that are already in the mixed channel, but from now on it will be possible to post new videos in separate channels.

What do other Doricians think about this?


This Dorician thinks that there is a certain contradictive tension in your post.


I prefer all Dorico posts to be in one forum where help for requests in any language can (with the help of Google Translate or the like) come from any language.

I’ve actually found it quite interesting to watch the German Discover Dorico ones with automatic English subtitles turned on.

I would have liked this too, but I think the ship has sailed.

Having everything in the future be split out, but everything in the past mixed together, is an inconsistent application which would make things much worse for anyone who switches to the new channels. So much material exists in the current channel that they wouldn’t have in their new channel that would be extremely useful and important to have.

The only way this would make sense to do at this point would be for them to go through and manually remove/move every applicable video to their new “correct” channel so that everyone in each language has full access to all of the content in their language. I don’t see that as a reasonable use of labor.

Per @JAMES_GILBERT 's point, you could easily subscribe to the other language channels if this were to happen, so I don’t see you missing out on anything.

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I went to watch today’s german language video and there were no automatic subtitles available.

What’s odd (to me) is that they make the effort for a special German edition at all, considering auto translation. Then I remember that Germans, of all people, really seem like to have things natively in their own language. Not that I blame them but nobody else seems to worry about it that much.

Reminds me of when I worked in Germany, one of my colleagues bemoaned US history, how apparently before the Revolutionary war there was a large German population that almost (so he says) managed to make German an official language. I kind of doubted it but there you go, Germans like German, and being half German and having taken many years of it I still don’t get it, German and English are very similar with many cognates so its not a hard leap IMO. Nothing like going from Japanese to English.

And lest we forget (I doubt we do), Steinberg is a German company; so not only would they be appealing to their native audience, but they would also have plenty of access to translators, narrators, and videographers in house to make the German videos.

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@Alexander_Ploetz I think that you didn’t read what I wrote

@Derrek I think too that you didn’t read what I wrote.

Steinberg has two locations: German and England. Dorico is made by the british team.

And they’re owned by Yamaha, so they should have three language version channels! :grin:


I understand you. But on the other side, how often do you watch old Dorico videos? Do you watch tutorials of Dorico 1 or Dorico2?
So I think that if from now on everythink will be split out, at the beginning we’ll view videos from the old channel too, but quickly we’ll watch only the new channel/s. Obviously, those who have an old version and don’t upgrade will view only the old channel.

And in fairness to your request, it’s not difficult to link to a sister channel in the description pages, which means that even if you land on the wrong page, it wouldn’t be that hard to get to the proper page. I don’t think your request is an unreasonable one, all things considered, although it’s not entirely onerous to navigate the current page.


#I’dRatherBeComposing :smile_cat:


To clarify: I’m OK with the current page being shared. One difficulty with bifurcating the channel would be that all of Anthony’s official demo videos would (at least theoretically) need to be reproduced in German to provide more parity. That’s not an insignificant amount of work. Trivial compared to editing the initial visual elements together, but you’re still dealing with professional translated VoiceOver work.

I watch those old videos all the time. They don’t make new videos to explain old functions, so if I want to revisit “how do I do divisi?” and I do a search, the short, straight to the point video is going to be the one where they explained it brand new. Or with any other feature that was introduced in Dorico 1, 2, 3, 3.5, or 4.

And forget revisiting, if there’s some functionality that I haven’t needed yet (say, lyrics) and I want to learn about that for my next project, I’m going to do a search and it’s going to pop up a lot of stuff from older Dorico videos for me to learn from.