Simple Requests for guitar Notation

Hello all,

First of all I have to say that I am very happy with the new features on Dorico. Gradual playing techniques and guitar fingerings are amazing. That being said I’d like to make a couple of requests that I think would be super easy fixes for an update.

The fingering system for right hand allows for multiple notes to be plucked with the same finger. Having that same option for the left hand fingerings in the dialogue box would be amazing. This would mean that one could bracket a group of notes that are to be barred. This really helps in instances where one needs to “hinge” bar meaning one or two strings either above and/or bellow need to remain open.
Screen Shot 2019-09-10 at 10.28.21 AM.png
This can be worked around by using a bracket from the arpeggio sign, until you need an arpeggio sign for the same chord as well :frowning:

The other less important one is fonts for fingerings. I know we can change to plain text and use different fonts but it would be great if we could use the bold font for the left hand and plain text for the right hand. I really like the bold numbers the left hand but the right hand fingerings seems a bit obtuse. Most publishers use an subtle italic font (like “Fingering Text Italic Font”) for the right hand and either a the bold or normal font for the left hand. Independently editing and changing each hands font styles would be key.

Again, love the advancements, and I feel a bit needy for asking for more but these would make a big difference!


Christian Cruz

(Just a heads-up: classifying a feature or change as “simple” is not entirely fair to the programming team. Nothing is as simple to program as it appears to a user.Even those who program in their own right do not understand the inner workings of the subroutines and how they interact. We want to stay on the right side of those who do such great work as well as dedicate additional time to support us on these help forum threads.)

I hope you see your suggestions come to fruition in as short a time as is feasible given the Team’s roadmap.

on the subject of barred notes, position markers are very often seen in roman numerals and at the moment have to be faked with text items
position describes the fret nb in Roman numbers.

Now that they’ve added gradual playing techniques I’ve actually set each position as a custom playing technique with the roman numeral as a text. This way the Roman numeral and it’s line will move around accordingly as attached to a group of notes. It works decently so far!

Don’t mean to undermine their work. I could’ve used humble or minor instead of simple in this context.

Thanks for your suggestions, Christian. I’ll talk to Michael, the programmer who did all of the amazing work on guitar fingering, about your requirement to show a bracket for left-hand fingering. We are certainly considering making it possible to change the font used for right-hand fingering in a future update.

Wouldn’t it be fabulous if position markers were automatically derived from Tab, since there I can specify exactly where things are to be played on the neck? Even if tab is not displayed in the final score in the end…

My 2 cents,

Awesome! Keep up the good work and all hail Michael!