simple routing question

As you can see I’ve set up the routing from Kontakt but where do I need to go now in cubase to retrive it?

I’m on iPhone, so details are a bit small. But it looks like you’ve got Kontakt loaded into the Rack (as opposed to an Instrument Track)?
You’ve got to make another VST Instrument output. This is done in the rack itself. The Rack had changed, so check the manual for the exact location of the button.

Thank you. I’m lost with the manual there. I did try adding an audio track and routing through that but no joy.

You’re good.
You should be hearing Kontakt.

That “Kontakt Stereo 1” will appear in your mixer and is the audio out from Kontakt.

You can add additional outputs from the rack - upper right of the Kontakt instrument is an “open outputs” (or something button) if you need more channels.
Need to enable them in Kontakt, also, of course.


Thanks guys,
I’m still not understanding where the output from kontakt (st 1) turns up in cubase. I just don’t see it anywhere.

Like any other audio input.

You took a screenshot of it in your project window.
And it will also be a channel in your mix window.

Not sure why you’re missing that.

You can hear it? Yes?


Yes I can hear it but if I change to st2 I can’t for obvoius reasons. Thats why I’m asking.


I reckon you need to turn on some more outputs of the synth - by default only the first one is turned on.

Thank you.