Simple Track Naming Gone?

IN the past I have been able to click on any TRACK .wav and see the track file name in the UPPER LEFT part of the workspace. There was a ‘show info’ feature on Nuendo that allowed this. I cannot seem to find this on any NEW project in Cubase 6.5.1 that I create but it is there on my older projects that have been opened in 6.5.1

I would like to rename my tracks / .wav files IN CUBASE after I record them. How can I find this feature/setting?

Many thanks

Try going just up and left from your big arrow,click on the icon with 3 black squares and select show info.


Thank you! Boy that eldued me for an hour! Appreciated!

Hey just ran into another glitch/obstacle. I clicked on the file name as always and renamed it, but when I hit enter I got a cubase warning that said ‘file could not be re-named!’.

I have never seen this ever. Why can’t file be renamed? Is there a lock function somewhere?

Thanks again!

This has come up before and I am thinking I don’t really get the question. If you double click on the track name, just below the arrow point, you can rename the track. However, if you want it to show up on the wave file name, you need to bounce the track and then say ‘replace’ the original track in your project.

It seems that it was a simpler process at one time, SX3?, but I really can’t remember for sure when…

I do agree, if this is your point, that it would be great if you renamed your track and the wave file recorded the name change immediately - without bouncing the track. Then your edits would reflect the track name right away.

Hippo, when I click on the little cube icon, I am offered preset selections, not an opportunity to rename a track. Am I missing a trick here?

Yes, switch on the info line!

Thank you. It had always been this way before. The track (.wav file) would always automatically change as soon you renamed in the upper left corner. No bouncing needed. I was just able to do this in 6.5.1 on an older project. Is there a ‘protection’ feature of any kind on the tracks?

Just re-started the program and it worked fine. :question: All is well.


OK, DOH! I hate to admit it but my info line had collapsed after a Cubase install and I was without it. It hadn’t occured to me that I could get it back - or that it offered as much control as it does. :laughing:

And now that its back, and with the GIF and other finger pointings (thank you all!), I understand what Hippo was saying from the start. This is more like it.

I remember there was another post around here with someone saying they were having this problem??? I hope he finds this post, this was the answer he was looking for.