Simple way to bracket an optional phrase?

I’m a bit confused … I selected the noteheads in the passage I wish to enclose in brackets and can only see a way of adding brackets to the individual noteheads in the phrase (by using the context dropdown).
The manual refers to the Bracketing properties in the Properties Panel where it suggests I might tweak something but the properties panel for my selected phrase has no such properties

I think your best bet is to use the Lines panel, and select one of the vertical lines; I don’t think there is any way to put brackets around a passage.

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Stephen is correct; you can use the lines panel to do this manually.

Is this what you’re after, Iain?

I made playing techniques for left and right brackets and moved them into place in Engrave Mode. The larger ones are the same PTs scaled up. See the properties panel.

Here’s the file. It took me a couple of minutes.

L + R round brackets as Playing Techniques.dorico (370.6 KB)

I’ve used PTs a few times in this sort of situation for glyphs that essentially belong to a note. Great that you can tweak their position as you like, and that they move with the note. I haven’t found any downsides yet.

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You can create a horizontal line with a blank body and time signature parentheses for caps. You will need to adjust the offsets in Engrave mode, and perhaps the note spacing, but this should yield pretty good results.

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