Simple Way, tune inspired by Brubeck/Update w/Wim on Sax

Wrote this and finished recording today today. Quartet setting sorta blue and mellow as can be, guess it would be head music so drink some wine while listening I suggest a dry red :slight_smile: This is first mix and might add guitar later. Its dedicated to a hero of mine Dave Brubeck who sadly just passed today.


As always, I thought the chords and melodies are very interesting. Definitely nailed that sombre and melancholic tone. Really nice piano and combination, and the notes and sound/feel of the bass is great as always, but I didn’t like the solo bass part much.

Only thing that really stood out was the ride being a bit loud at times. Very good for the first mix, really well done :sunglasses:

Very moody and melancholy and as usual from you a sophisticated piece…what a great way to honour an iconic musician such as Dave Brubeck…well done, Kevin

Jonathan, thats where guitar or muted trumpet solo will be so that’s why sound is so open there. I want to have a Methany like guitar sound :slight_smile: I don’t play guitar well enough to even attempt a decent part lol but I agree with u 100%… I am hopeful to get that done in near future, just wrote it and wanted to share here to see if I am heading right way.

It may be the EQ on overheads I will check that thanks for pointing that out!

I may be out of pocket for a while I just got Cubase 7 in from Sweetwater and I have a feeling I won’t be sleeping much lol

Hi Kenny,

Wonderful song, great tribute! :sunglasses:

Needs a real tenor though… :wink:


I will send it to you!!! Would be an honor for me and I was hoping you’d say that Wim lol

Ah, then I’m sure that’ll sound cool :smiley: Looking forward to hearing it with all the instruments.

Hit the mark. Like the subtle Take Five quote. Really good stuff.

Beautiful! I would love to hear it with some HFH sax. :sunglasses:

Hi Kenny

What a great tune. I paid attention to the panning and notice how all instruments are more together but still non of them interferes with the space of the other. Hope I can learn how to do that in my songs. Very nice playing.


OK! :slight_smile:

I am mixing now w/o my sax noise lol. I will dropbox or gdrive to you… with a basic chart (very basic as I changed Melody every Verse (oh well) Thanks you are the great one!!!

Niiiice, Kenny! So relaxing to listen to, and can only get better once the mellifluous tones of Wim are added! :sunglasses:

Oh, yeah - let me re-introduce myself - I’m Lenny. :slight_smile:

Beautiful. I love the space in the arrangement. Apart from the music, you do a great technical job of recording. Have you listened to anything by the Esborn Svensson Trio? To my ears this has the same relaxed and self confident use of space as EST.

Looking forward to the Win augmentation!


Steve I had never heard this Trio, but am listening to Seven Days of Falling (love that title) Really nice.Bass player is crazy where are these guys located?

I have gotten so much into the ECM thing lately and Wim was kind of enough to work w/one other piece for me. I have recorded about 6 tunes (completed) in this style so far and have about 8 others I am counting my my coins to finish lol. They will all be remixed by my friend on a Neve so I don’t worry to much about perfection at this stage. I played with a puerto rican Band last week 6 great horn players and trumpet player is helping me with some arrangements on a couple of Chick type tunes. Really excited about this stuff

Lenny I would never forget you I am still a big fan of your music. Thanks for remembering me.

I only came across them a couple of months ago. Sadly, Esbjorn Svensson, the pianist, died in a diving accident a couple of years ago. Swedish trio. They have some great song titles and some hauntingly beautiful music. At the moment I’m listening a lot to ‘From Gagarin’s Point of View’.

Good luck with your project, let us know when you’re done.


Yup… a fine tribute indeed… like others… I’m now just waiting for Wim’s addition! :sunglasses:

Steve From Gagarin’s Point of View is beautiful and such a wonderful recording, so much silence…not sure if you are familiar with Norma Winstone, but the best .99 you can spend ever is on a tune called “Somewhere Called Home” of album of same title. Piano/Clarinet and Vocals where she takes tunes we all know and transforms them into dream like pieces :slight_smile: That piece is haunting don’t know if you will find it on youtube though

Wow. :open_mouth:

Love the mood. Can’t wait to hear Wim’s addition.

Me too he just got the copy :slight_smile: