Simpler Stems - but not quite simple enough. hmm?

2 Requests:

  • While all this is a fantastic update, I feel there is something lacking, at least for me. I work on very tight deadlines and hardly ever work by sending all tracks of a section (ie drums, brass, strings) to a single mix bus. I only organize them in folders within the main window. I thought I would be able to simple select a folder (brass folder for instance) in my main window and add it to the queue to export as one file, but this doesn’t seem to be the case. It does not register clicking on folders, and instead you have to select all the tracks you wish to export. But unfortunately even then, it still ONLY will export EACH TRACK individually. So if I have 10 tracks in my brass folder and just want to export a brass stem, if I haven’t sent them to a bus, it’s going to export 10 separate files. Which is definitely NOT helpful. So in order to really utilize this function of exporting stems quickly, I have to add buses to all the groups of tracks I plan on making into stems, which often reaches 20ish groups. So even though in the end the time to do all of this would still be shorter, it becomes a big hassle if you do not work with group channels. Basically wondering if it’s possible to make folders as readable in the export window so their function can be utilized (think of Logic’s mixer/folder things. track stacks? or something like that)

  • I’d also like to point out that when you add a job to the queue, you don’t get the option to name it something specific and just have that file named saved to the job/file export. This seems like an easy thing to add in. It’s automatically naming my files things like 0000-Horns 2 and things like that. And I’m going to have to go back in and rename all these files for delivery, as nobody working professionally will accept messy file names that they don’t understand.

With these 2 downsides combined, it makes this function feel a little less worth doing than I’d like. I’m also not sure how many people work this way and run into these issues. Otherwise it is a great update with lots of great things.

Doh! I thought the queue would sum the selected tracks and bounce as a stem. Darn. I think you are spot on here, that really we are looking to automate the solo - bounce process of exporting a collection of tracks as a stem, and without sophisticated bussing. Maybe allowing selection of folders here would do that, or a checkbox for sum selected tracks in the queue or something like that. And naming options are good time savers too.